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Thank you for visiting and using our website. By using this site, you agree to it terms of use and its privacy policy. Serious Scents uses reasonable security measures to protect this webpage and any information that you provide when you use this website. You can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of use and the application of our privacy statement and agreement. Serious Scents reserves the legal right without notice to change its policy from time to time as may be needed by updating this page information. This page may change from time to time to ensure that you’re happy with our products and services. This policy is in full force and effect starting from November 26, 2014 to the current date

Information Collection:
We Reserve the Legal Right To Collect The Following Information:
• Name of company and job title
• Contact information including email address, phone numbers
• Demographic information including postal codes, preferences etc.
• We collect other information relevant to customer services

Information Use:
• Internet recordkeeping
• To improve our products and services
• We customize the website according to your business interests & preferences.

We Will Not:
• Use your contact information to create a mailing list for sale to others.
• We won’t provide your information to any third-party it is for Serious Scents marketing and promotional and purposes only.
• If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, please send an email to

Serious Scents is committed to keeping your personal and business information private, which you may provide. Your personal security is of great concern to us. To ensure your private information is protected, we have taken appropriate reasonable preventative measures to shield your data and ours from unauthorized access by others. In other words we go above and beyond to protect your personal information and keep it safe.

The Use and Collection of Cookies and Other Non-Personal Information:
Electronic Cookies are small file, which get placed on your computer’s hard drive when you sign on a webpage. Electronic Cookies help analyze our web traffic. Cookies allow our web applications to respond to you, as an individual needs quickly. Cookies addresses you’re likes and dislikes about your preferences. Serious Scents collects cookie information to monitor the use of our website. We analyze the Cookies and web traffic. Cookies allow web applications to respond to your needs and address individual Internet behaviors. This information does not identify you personally.

From time to time, our webpage use and policy may be modified in accordance with our business and products development and needs. The use of our website constitutes your legal agreement to abide by the terms and conditions the use of this website. The most recent versions of Serious Scents privacy policy and use. You may wish to check the policy updates to stay current on any changes.

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